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At 65, I am fufilling a life long dream of living abroad. This blog is about telling stories about the expat life, foreign food, history, genealogy, language, culture and the natural world in the present tense. I am a Polish national, raised in a European household who has lived in the United States for most of her life. I have never felt completely comfortable as an American or as a Pole. My unique perspective is sourced in my family's history and their struggle to stay alive during WWII in Europe and Siberia. I'm hoping this excercise will not only hone my writing skills but also give me a chance to work out my split identity.

The Trains in Spain – a New Adventure for the Old Travelers

November 2018 began a new phase of our travels through Europe as seniors over 65.  We are exploring the trains that are held in such esteem in the travel literature of today.  The trains of Europe, high-speed and regular and the places where they take us.

We launched our journey on November 9 when we arrived in Lisbon, Portugal by Ryanair flight from Kraków, Poland.  The itinerary over the next 3 weeks took us to Coimbra, Portugal, then Salamanca, Spain and on to Toledo, Spain. We now find ourselves in Valencia with Barcelona and Marseilles, France on the horizon over the next week and a half.  We will be traipsing for more than 3 weeks with knee disabilities, senior ailments and a love of trains.

This page is just a placeholder while I work on some stories for you.  But, Greg has already accumulated some amazing photos which I feel compelled to share with you here.

Up and Down the Streets of Lisbon on the historic little trolley.

“WanderLusting Dreams” is a blog written and produced by Grace Nagiecka with photos by Gregory Spring. Thank you for supporting us by reading and enjoying our work.


The Lisbon Cathedral. Rick Steve’s advises travelers not to bother with entering this church. We disagree.

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The Grand Market was the first stop on our arrival in Valencia.


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From the church tower in Salamanca.

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In the cathedral in Toledo, Spain
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