About WanderLusting Dreams and Being a Bohemian at 65

You can live as an expat after 60 years, after 65 years, after 68 years.  If you like to travel and have dreamed of living in Europe, retirement is the perfect time to live that dream.

atTheAirportThis blog is about growing older in unusual circumstances, freely chosen, away from family and the comforts of a familiar culture. It is about continuing to grow intellectually, socially, and culturally because travel is a teacher to all of those.

I am an immigrant with dual citizenship: a naturalized citizen of the USA and a Polish national. During my life, juggling those two identities was a puzzle and a challenge. I never fully belonged to either world.   I will be exploring my own genealogy to find acceptance and closure.

Here’s hoping that some of my insights are interesting and helpful to other retirees planning for a similar adventure. These are my experiences wandering the world for the second time in my life as a bohemian and a fully mature person.

Happy Trails,

Grace Nagiecka

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